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Shuping Zhao is the Director of Chinese Guzheng Society, President of Shandong Guzheng Society, Professor of Music at Shandong Teacher’s University, and the Art Director of Lingyu Guzheng Ensemble. She graduated from Shenyang Music Conservatory School in 1968. During her 9 years of professional music training since her early teen years, she studied under guzheng virtuosos and educators Zheng Cao and Yuzhai Zhao, and had mastered the skills and styles of various genres.


Upon college graduation, Shuping has been actively involved in the teaching and research of guzheng, delivering lectures and promoting the art form in many countries of the world. As a guzheng educator for nearly five decades, her students are all over the globe, with many of whom on faculty or already as professors at music conservatories.


Shuping’s Children’s Guzheng Album was published by Beijing People’s Music Publishing House in 1994, and to date has been reprinted 10 times in China and abroad. In 2009, the book she coauthored with her daughter Lingyu Li, 33 Lessons in Chinese Guzheng, was also well received by guzheng learners in China and overseas, and has been reprinted 8 times to date.

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